Falkinbridge Heartstone


JM, a visionary, is using the pen name Falkinbridge Heartstone as the author.

This may not be the usual “Author’s Page” as it is told by someone who knows him best – his wife.  Over the many years of our marriage, I have heard his “storytelling”, and the journey was brought to life as we sat having our morning ritual coffee.  He would discuss the characters, and scenes that were so vivid in his mind.  It brought me right up close and personal to this amazing storyline, the magic, and the characters involved, and the songs that were sung.

As a reader, I was amazed how a writer can have all this running through his mind and organizing multiple characters and worlds.  Heck, even coming up with the idea in the first place. 

I am happy that the time has finally come for JM to share his realm to the world. My hope is that you are as enchanted by the stories as I have been in listening to them come to life.





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