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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Hello folks,

It has been a long time since I last posted a letter!  My apology.  Much has happened in the last 2 years!  Too much to go into in this short letter format.

The time has come for me be remove the story from the website and fix all the mistakes and get it professionally proof read.  To those of you who were reading the story, I profoundly apologize for the sudden removal!  The story will return with a designed colored cover along with the trilogy that it belongs.  My goal is to have it released for publication by Dec 7, 2024 at the latest!

Thank you to everyone that wrote in with their comments. 

Kind Regards,
Falkinbridge Heartstone

Monday, February 21, 2022.  11:08 PM

Hello folks,

I was requested by readers for more directions on the HOME page.

Here are the changes made:

  1.   What I recommend the visitor read first and where to find it.
  2.   Have each of the headings that lead to a page be a live link to click.  
  3.   The ‘My Writing Style’ page was not listed and therefore missed.  This was important for people to read and understand and it was added to the HOME page.

A big addition to the site is my social media accounts.  I now have a facebook and an instagram page where you can become a follower.

The explanation on “My Writing Style” page was improved with a better description. 

That is it for this letter.  Short and sweet.

Kind Regards,
Falkinbridge Heartstone 

 Friday, February 18, 2022.   5:45 PM EST. 

Hello folks, 

I have added Chapter 4 – Scene 2.  A few corrections have been made to spelling and some paragraphs have been combined.  

About the paragraph format:  In my editor, where the story is located, I have drop caps for the first letter and the paragraphs are not separated by a space.  As well, the first line of each paragraph I have indented – unfortunately the formating options on this site has a space between the paragraphs and the first line is not intented.  It is part of the code of how this ‘Theme” in WordPress operates. Until I can find a solution, this is what paragraphs will look like.  When there is a Point of View change in the story, I divided them with a short row of stars that are centered. 

There are a few Point of View changes in chapter 4 – scene 2.  Jacob in the kitchen, Valarie preparing to share the news of Jacob to Jennifer, and Jennifer’s angle with her troubles and secrets.  

The story begins to take off with Jacob’s interaction with Valarie and his use of the Ancient Knowledge gets demonstrated.  Jacob says he wants to keep a low profile.  The idea of ‘low profit’ to Jacob is avoiding creating a war, so he uses the Ancient Knowledge in every day activities.

I wrote Jacob to be understood that he is a man humbled by time and many experiences.  You had a taste of what he can do by his dramatic exit from the grave.  As the story unfolds, you will learn more about Jacob and his skills with the Ancient Knowledge.


That is about it for this week.

Kind regards,
Falkinbridge Heartstone



Friday, February 11, 2022.  7:51 PM EST.

Okay, this is my first letter to everyone.  I am so very excited to be sharing my story with the world!  It has been a long time preparing, doing my best to edit, build character depth, and create a story that intertwines many parts into a big beautiful ending.  There are twists, surprises and many scenes using my new ‘magic’ which I call the Ancient Knowledge.  I am super proud of what I have created and look forward to having people read it.

In the story you will see separate paragraphs that describe “A chill runs down his back”, or “He gets a sudden gut ache.”  This is the Soul or a God in the story speaking to the character.  Some characters get it and learn how to use it as a guide, while most are oblivious to it.  I thought it necessary to point this aspect out so you can understand the story with a great depth.

I published the first 3 chapters of book 1, one chapter each week, to establish a good base for the reader.  This was my soft lauch and today is my hard launch.  I will be posting my website for everyone to know about and read, tonight. 

You may be wondering if I have already written the story and to what extent has been done.  The answer is simple.  I have written six books.  The first three have been edited and are, for the most part, complete.  Books 4 to 6 are written, but need a lot of editing.   I have chosen to post each scene in the way I have created this site to attracted an audiance and determine how much interest I get from the world.   

That’s it for my opening letter.

Kind regards,
Falkinbridge Heartstone 





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