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The way I compose my stories is to introduce the main character, Jacob, and have the reader gradually learn about him and understand how he see the world around him.  Also, I tell the story like a puzzle with each piece being revealed as the story unfolds and to give the reader a sense of mystery and a crafty foreshadowing of things to come.

I will switch the point of view to secondary characters to see the main character from a new perspective, while strengthen the secondary character’s role in the story.

My goal is to invoke an emotional response in the relationships and events.  There are definitely scenes that I hope you laugh, cry, and get chills down your spine.  If so, I have done my work right!



The picture to the right is my coffee station in my home.  You can see my favorite cup with the balloon.  I have that cup depicted in the story and when you see that description, you will know what I am talking about.  The character sitting in the red cup sort of represents a character in my book, Ripple Dipwater.  My wife and I hide him in the house for the other to find and depict him in scenes of mischief.  Good memories of fun and laughter.






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